28 December 2015

15 Things I Have Learnt This Year

Hey guys!

2016 is fast approaching, and I have had some time today to think back about the many things that I have learnt over this year. A lot of these things I think have taught me a lot, and that will stay with me in the future. Today I will be sharing 15 lessons that I have learnt over the year.

  1. There is something to be said about forgiving and forgetting; it is one thing to forgive, but it can be harder to forget
  2. Sometimes people change, and they are no longer the people we used to know. Although we may not like this change, we need to learn to accept this
  3. Cats make everything better
  4. Good friends are those who will be there for you, not just through the fun times, but during the hard times too
  5. Although we may not want it to, our life routines will change. We need to be able to accept and adapt to this change
  6. Travelling to a new place gives you one of the best feelings
  7. Catching public transport with a good friend is surprisingly fun
  8. Sometimes it is worth staying up until midnight the night before your Psychology exam to talk with someone about your secret wondrous and controversial future endeavours
  9. Crunchy peanut butter is amazing and I really have been missing out all these years
  10. We should never forget the magic of being a child
  11. High school graduations make you feel infinite
  12. If you spent two hours trying to work out how to reply to someone, it can go horribly wrong if you leave their messenger page up on your phone...and sometimes it can lead to you needing to explain the accidental Facebook call
  13. Byron Bay is such a cool place
  14. Don't be afraid to tell other people your opinions...Sometimes the most unexpected people can be the ones who agree with you the most
  15. Say yes as much as you can
Leave me a comment below telling me some of the things you have learnt this year.

Happy new year!!