29 August 2015

Specials Day at ALDI

Hey guys,

Look what was on special in ALDI today:

How cool is that? It's a vintage-looking record player, CD player, cassette player, radio, iPod docking station. I love it so much!

It wasn't easy to get this nifty little record player. As you may or may not know, specials day at ALDI is dangerous. Deadly. And this is all because of the little old ladies.

Let me tell you of what happened today.

Arrive at ALDI at 7:45am, a good 15 minutes before it opens, and there is this MASSIVE queue of people waiting to go in. So we join the queue. This old lady rocks up (we'll call her Mabel). Mabel looks like your average, innocent old lady. She grabs a trolley, and starts busting her way through the crowd, bashing people out of the way until she is at the front of the queue.

The doors open. The whole crowd rushes forward. I ever-so-kindly let Mabel go ahead of me. Big mistake. Once I get into ALDI, and I set one foot into the specials aisle, Mabel runs forward and bashes me with her trolley! Instantly I regret my act of kindness towards her.

That's the end of that story, we got the record player and were first to the checkout :D

That isn't even the worst of it though. Once there was silicone bakeware on special. There was about eleven old ladies hitting each other with the silicone spatulas!

Let me know if you have ever had any funny experiences like this, I would love to hear your stories.