15 June 2015

10 Types of People in Exams

Hello everybody!

I have just finished exam block, and I am very glad it is over.

Whilst I was in my exams, I started to see that there are certain types of people in exams. Today, I decided I would share with you just ten types of people there will be in every exam.

1. People who fall asleep.
There will always be at least one person who falls asleep halfway through the exam. It's usually during two hour exams that give you way too much time. You'll just see someone face down on their desk, completely asleep, and a teacher will go up to them and be like "Are you feeling okay?"

2. People you make eye contact with
To explain this one, I've drawn a fabulous little drawing on paint to explain the exam room set-up.

So there's always one person you will always make eye contact with. I have a friend in year 10, so he'll be sitting on the year 10 side, and I'll be on the year 11 side, and when the teacher says "examination has ended, please stop writing, etc. etc.), we'll both look up and make eye contact. Every time. And we'll always sort of pull a face at each other to indicate how we've done on the exam.

3. People who scribble out. Really loudly.
You know how in an exam if you don't want something you've written to be marked you are supposed to just put a single line through it? Well there's always one person who, for some reason, doesn't think this is sufficient, and they just scribble through whatever it is they don't want to be marked.

Like this:
And if you've been in an exam when this happens, you will know what I mean when I say that someone scribbling out is a really distracting noise. My friend always does this, and he's always in front of me in exams. This person will usually also be the person who's pen also will run out halfway through the exam. And most times, they don't have a spare.

4. People who don't study
There's always those few people who don't study for an exam, and they try to read their notes right up to the door of the exam room. I just think this is a bit silly. I mean, if you don't know it two minutes before the exam started, reading it as you walk in probably won't help you much. (Moral of this story - study!)

5. People who think they failed
There is always one person who will have a full-on tantrum right after an exam, and they will be absolutely convinced that they failed. The most annoying part about this is that they are usually the people who end up getting a really high mark.

6. People who don't finish
This generally happens more in midterms rather than exams, but there is always one person who doesn't quite finish. You'll hear them writing hurriedly right up until the teacher says "Stop writing." Sometimes they'll even try to carry on writing after that.

7. People who finish very early.
My sister is one of these people. There is always one person who finishes ridiculously early. As in, it will be a one hour exam, and they will be done in ten minutes. And it's always really distracting when they do finish this early, because they'll be sat at their desk tapping their fingers and sighing in boredom waiting for the exam to be over.

8. People who do more questions that required.
I never used to understand what teachers meant when they read the instruction sheet and said "Do not answer more questions that required". Until in a Psychology midterm a while ago, when I saw this:

Answer two out of the three questions.

And the other day, after the Year 10s had their Psychology exam, I heard this girl boasting about how she had so much time left in her exam, she answered all three questions.

Why?! Why do people do this? I don't understand, you don't get any extra marks for answering more questions. The marker just completely ignores what you've written. Surely you would just spend more time on the questions you actually have to do?

9. People who bring their phones
I can understand making this mistake once, but not every exam. Obviously you aren't allowed to have your phone during the exam, even if it is in your pocket, and we all know this and we're all told this about a thousand times. But there's always those few people, and when the teacher says, "Does anyone have any unauthorised material? Phones, smartphones, smart watches, etc.?", it's always the same people who have the awkwardly raise their hand and have their phone collected because once again, they've forgotten to leave it in their locker.

10. People who swear in the exam
I have this one friend who is always sat near me in exams, because alphabetically, our last names our near each other. This particular friend likes to swear in exams. A lot. In the last Biology exam, he was sat in the desk beside me. We both knew we were going to struggle a lot on the exam, but he opened the exam booklet before I did, and he just looked at me and started swearing. It's not just him that does this though, a lot of people seem to swear when the exam is hard.

And that is the ten types of people in exams. I will probably write a part 2 of this post, because already I am thinking of more types of people. If you can think of any other types of people in every exam, or if you think you fall into any of these categories, leave a comment and let me know :)


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