30 May 2015

Kikki K Stationary Wishlist (as of June 2015!)

Hello everybody!

I love stationary. A lot. I don't think I've ever blogged about just how much I love it. My love of stationary started when I was in primary school. I loved starting a new school year with a heap of new pens, pencils and notebooks. When I was 11, I went mental buying notebooks. I realised Big W sold some really nice ones for quite cheap. I found that I loved putting pen to paper even more than I previously thought I did.

When I was 13, I discovered Kikki K. Oh my word.

One day I was walking around the shopping centre after exams and I saw this cute little stationary boutique. I walked in, and instantly fell in love with all the stationary in the shop. Kikki K has the most gorgeous stationary you have ever seen.

There is so many beautiful things from there that I am wanting to buy, so I thought I'd share ten of the items currently on my Kikki K wishlist. All the photos used in this post are from the Kikki K website, and these are in no particular order :)

2015 A5 Weekly Leather Diary - Light Pink

This is a really pretty light pink leather weekly diary. If I hadn't have bought all of my diaries for 2015, then I definitely would have bought this, so I really hope they bring it back out next year! It includes space for notes, websites, wish lists, movies, books, restaurants, expenses and addresses. It also has a yearly, monthly and weekly view, and currently has been reduced to only $5.00!!! (found here)

Sentence a Day - Cute

I really like the idea of sentence a day. Like it suggests, you write a sentence everyday, and this book is a place to do that. It has room to do that for two years every day. I love the cute range, I think the colours are just gorgeous. One of the things I really like about this book is that the pages aren't dated with a year, so you can start this book at any point in the year. It costs $24.95, found here.

A4 Hard Cover Notebook - Hello Yellow

I know yellow isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is definitely mine (this is because my bedroom as a child was painted yellow!). To me, yellow is a happy colour, and this is a happy notebook. I love the words "Full of bright ideas" printed on the cover, so this is something I would love to get. It is currently $16.95 (found here.)

A5 Feature Journal - Mountains

 I really like Kikki K feature journals, particularly because I love the pictures that are scattered throughout. I love the navy colour scheme of the Mountain range, so the two put together are just perfect. This journal is currently $19.95, found here.

A5 Feature Journal - Why Not?

Like I just said, I love feature journals. This one is from the Why Not? range, and I just love the colours and the polka dots. This one's also $19.95, found here.

A5 Hard Cover Notebook - Life is Sweet

Another range I really love is the Life is Sweet range. I bought the feature journal from this range, which I use to keep all my blog ideas in. I love the pastel pink, the flowers and the butterflies. This book is $12.95 here.

Happiness Journal - Inspiration 2014

Another book in the happy yellow colour, this is the Happiness Journal from the 2014 Inspiration range. I am really into books about self motivation and happiness, so I love the idea of having a place to write down happy thoughts. This book has monthly tabs to organise happy goals throughout the year. It includes happy quotes throughout the book. It's available here for $34.95.

Leather Personal Planner Medium - Why Not?

This is another item from the Why Not? range, but this time it is a time planner. I have seen so many videos on YouTube about Kikki K time planners, so I did buy one a while ago, and I would definitely buy one again. It includes card slots, a pen loop, a space to hold an A5 Notepad, and an 18 month calendar, a to-do list, a mini notepad, a space for meeting notes, 4 blank tabs with note pages, and an A5 lined notepad. I love the colours of the Why Not? range, so this is a definite buy for me. It is currently on sale for $41.97 here.

Letter Set With Case - Love Mail

 I believe this range came out around Valentine's Day this year. I have a friend in England, and we like to be old fashioned and write letters to each other, and I feel like I need dedicated letter-writing stationary, so I think this would be perfect. It can be found here for $24.95.

Mug - But First Coffee - Minimalist

Okay, so this is not a stationary item, but I do enjoy my coffee, and I think this mug is very appropriate. It is from the Minimalist range, and costs $12.95 here.

And that is all that is currently on my Kikki K wishlist! If you also like Kikki K, let me know what items you are wishing for, and any other stationary brands you love.


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