2 April 2015

Blogger Tag Thursday | Get to Know Me Tag

Hello everybody!

I had a friend who made a suggestion that once a fortnight I do a "tag" on my blog - And that is what I am going to do! If you don't know, a tag is a set of questions to a certain theme. Every second Thursday, I intend to do one of these tags, which will be called "Blogger Tag Thursday". To start off, I will be doing the Get to Know Me Tag.

The Get to Know Me Tag

Vital Statistics:

Name: Carly

Nicknames: Unfortunately none. I guess my name is one of those names it is impossible to create a nickname for :( Ally does actually call me MJ, which references to Cry Baby, our favourite movie.

Birthday: December 3rd

Place of Birth: A small town in south-east England.

Star Sign: Saggitarius

Occupation: High school student.


Hair colour: I have no idea how to describe it. I suppose it's a very dark blonde colour.

Hair length: Very, very long.

Eye colour: Blue

Braces: Yes

Righty or Lefty: Righty


Best friend: A girl called Natasha who I met on my first day of reception, and to this day we are still really good friends, although we live in different countries.

Award: An Attendance Award in reception for attending school every day for a term.

Sport: None. I hate sport. So I suppose my first sport would be primary school PE class.

Real holiday: When I was 3 I went on a houseboat holiday in Norfolk with my parents, sister, grandparents and great-grandmother. I still remember it and I loved being on a houseboat.

Concert: This March I went to see the Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once concert in Sydney, which was my first concert. It was amazing, particularly as when I was a child, my mum would always be listening to her albums.


Film: The first film I went to see in the cinema was "Bratz 4 Real", which was actually pretty good. I may or may not have rewatched it recently when I was off sick from school ;)

TV Show: Degrassi. I started watching Degrassi Junior High when my mum found it on DVD in the library, remembered she used to watch it, and told me and my sister that it was good and we should watch it. I remember we watched one episode before school in the morning, and two episodes every night. Keep in mind I was 7 here - I don't think that's the intended audience for Degrassi. Nonetheless, I do still love it, particularly Season 10.

Colour: Pink
Song: This always changes. At the moment, it is "The Lucky One" by Taylor Swift.

Restaurant: Either The Flower Garden, which is a Chinese buffet, or Ashmore Steak and Seafood, which is this amazing steakhouse my dad always takes us to.

Store: Kikki K. Their stationary is just beautiful.

Book: I have quite a few. "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky. "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks. "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak.


Feeling: Happy that school is over for two weeks

Eating: Nothing yet, but thinking of cooking noodles.

Listening to: "The Time of my Life", from Dirty Dancing, because my mum is playing her vinyl of the soundtrack.

Watching: Season 1 of Misfits. Again.

Wearing: My Eeyore pyjamas.


Careers in mind: I would love to do something creative, like something involving writing, design or film.

Where do you want to live: Probably still on the Gold Coast, because I love it so much.

And that is the get to know me tag! Let me know what you thought of me doing a tag in the comments, adn if there are any other tags you would like me to do!!

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