15 March 2015

Sydney 2014 | Day 6 - Darling Harbour

Today was unfortunately our last day in Sydney. We decided to go back to Darling Harbour, and go to the Wild Life Zoo and Madame Tussauds.

We first went to Madame Tussauds, which I really enjoyed. The wax models were amazing! They looked so realistic! They had models of people like Taylor Swift, Michael Hutchence, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, and the royal family. What I really liked is that you could get right up close to the models to take photos.

Next we went to the zoo. Honestly, it wasn’t the best zoo I had been to, but I did enjoy getting to see the koalas.

We had lunch on Darling Harbour. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but the customer service was horrendous. We walked in, and apparently we walked in the entrance, because immediately the waitress said “How did you get in?!”. She also was quite rude when serving us, and was unimpressed when we asked to take the anchovies off the pizza. Besides that, the food was really good. We had pizza, and fish and chips, which were both delicious.

We still had some time left before our flight, so we went to the Sydney Tower Eye. There was this little fresh juice and smoothie shop, so we went and got a smoothie. My mum and sister both had mango smoothies, and I had a berry smoothie.

After this, we returned to our hotel, collected our bags, and went back to the airport.

Our flight back was smooth, and we had no delays.

I really enjoyed visiting Sydney. It was the first time I had ever been to Sydney, and in comparison to the Gold Coast, it was very different. I am looking forward to going back to Sydney in March 2015.

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