15 March 2015

Sydney 2014 | Day 4 - Palm Beach

Today was by far my favourite day in Sydney. We started the day off, once again, by going to Circular Quay and having a coffee at Starbucks (I had a Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino again!).

As you may know, I love Home and Away. The one thing we wanted to do in Sydney was go to Palm Beach, which is Summer Bay in Home and Away. We booked an official tour to take us, as we were unsure whether we could get there otherwise.

The tour guide was around twenty minutes late, but we were fine with this. We were in a mini bus, and there was about eleven people on the tour. Out of these people, myself, my sister and my mum seemed to be the only people interested in Home and Away. Everyone seemed to be a bit miserable and disinterested in the whole thing.

The bus trip was incredibly long. I hate long bus trips, so I felt really uncomfortable during this time. On the way to Palm Beach, we stopped for coffee (which was included in the tour) at the Driftwood Café and Homewares.

When we finally arrived at Summer Bay, our tour guide took us around the bay in the minivan, and then let us out to look around ourselves. Honestly, I was quite disappointed with the tour, because we were left by ourselves the entire time, and served an average, cold lunch. I did really enjoy being able to go to Palm Beach, however, particularly as I have watched Home and Away since I was a child. We got to see places like the iconic entrance to the beach (and of course the beach itself), the surf club, the diner, and the Gina Palmer bench.

On the way back to Manly Beach, we got to see John Palmer and Brax’s houses, which was really good.

We were dropped off at Manly, with a complimentary ferry ticket to get back to Circular Quay. The ferry trip back to Manly was fantastic, even though it was storming.

When we got back to Circular Quay, it was raining extremely heavily. The train back to Wynyard station was cancelled, so we caught a bus back to our hotel. Once again, we had a quiet night in our hotel room.

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