15 March 2015

Sydney 2014 | Day 1 - Arrival in Sydney

Hello everybody!

I am finally uploading my little series about what I got up to when I went to Sydney in November 2014. I’ve been meaning to upload it for ages, but it has taken such a long time to edit the photos, and I have been back at school as well, so I haven’t had too much time to do the write-up…ANYWAY, let’s get on with the post.

We decided to fly with Jetstar for two reasons. First of all it was the cheapest – we got our flight for only $39 each way! – It was quite a bargain! As well as that, we did fly Jetstar when we went to Port Douglas in 2013, and they were a really good airline. It wasn’t as if we needed the fanciest airline, we just wanted to get to Sydney.

We arrived at the airport about an hour before our flight (let me tell you, it was way too early!), and as we headed over to the security gate, this huge bell started ringing, and all the lights turned off. When we finally found out what happened, it turned out that Gold Coast airport had lost power.

After waiting for about half an hour for the power to be switched back on, we finally got through security and just made it to the terminal in time for our flight (we had to look a bit crazy running through the airport). Turns out, we didn’t need to run, because our flight was delayed an hour because of the power outage.

The actual flight itself was okay. I don’t really like flying because I don’t like having to sit down for long periods of time. Besides that, it was a pretty good flight. On this flight, I read A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. I absolutely love all of his books, and A Walk to Remember was very beautiful, but also very sad.

Once we arrived in Sydney, we spent about twenty minutes looking for the train station. My mum insisted she knew which way to go, which ended up being the completely wrong way, and we were on the other side of the airport.

We got to the train station, and it just blew my mind. I am used to being at train stations on the Gold Coast, where there is just two platforms, and you either catch the train going one way or the other. In Sydney, there is about twenty different platforms, all with trains going in different directions. And the trains are triple decker trains! Is that a normal thing in other cities? On the Gold Coast they are one level, which is quite boring by comparison.

When we got off the train at Wynyard Station, I was absolutely blown away by the city. This was my first time visiting Sydney, and I thought it was just beautiful. I loved the architecture, how some of the buildings looked really old, and I looked the buzz and excitement of the city.

We walked to the Tower Eye, where we had a lunch reservation. As soon as we stepped into the Tower Eye, we realised how much we didn’t fit in. We were in quite casual clothes, and the Tower Eye is filled with designer stores like Chanel, Gucci and Prada. It felt a bit like that scene in Pretty Woman where she walks into the designer stores and they say, “I don’t think we have anything for you. You’re obviously in the wrong place. Please leave.” (If you haven’t seen that movie, you can watch that scene here so you know what I’m talking about!!).

We went up to the revolving restaurant, which was amazing. The restaurant was revolving, so you slowly rotated, so you could see the entire view while you eat. The food was fantastic too, there were foods like Cherry Glazed Ham, Emu Sausage, and Fish and Chips. There were also so many teeny tiny desserts, like Profiteroles, Pavlova, and Lemon Curd Tart. All the food was delicious. The service was also exceptional. The staff were also very attentive, constantly bringing us more water and checking on us in case we wanted anything.

After the buffet, we went to check into our hotel. We stayed in a Premier Room in the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. It was just stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. The hotel was one of those old grand buildings, the reception was all marble tiles. The reception staff and concierge were incredibly friendly – they immediately took our bags and we were greeted every time we left or came back to the hotel. The room was spectacular. It can incredibly clean. Although there was a little noise, as to be expected when you are in the city, the hotel was generally very quiet.

We headed back to the Tower Eye to complete our Skywalk. This was where you walked round on the glass platform outside of the tower. The view was absolutely amazing. I strongly recommend you do the Skywalk if you are in Sydney.

After completing the Skywalk, we went back to our hotel for a quiet night in.

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