16 March 2015

#CupcakeQuestions - Skittles, Evacuations and MKR

Hello everybody!

It's Monday, which of course means it's time for another #CupcakeQuestions! I would just like to say thankyou to my friend Alex, as well as @Boboboberla and @Maryalice090399 on Twitter for submitting these questions :)

What are you doing right now?
Right now I am in Biology. We’re doing something about light energy which I really don’t understand. (Why is Biochemistry the first unit of Biology?? There is a reason I don’t do chemistry..)

Who was your favourite teacher from primary school?
My favourite teacher from primary school would probably be my Year 6 teacher. He was really laid back and cool, and he wasn’t very strict. I remember he would let us rearrange the desks every day to sit wherever we want, which I really liked because I would often be stuck sitting next to someone annoying (the teacher thought I would be a “good influence”). He also encouraged me to write stories, which no one else had ever done.

Do you cry in films?
Yes, definitely. I cry at anything. The first time I watched Titanic was when my friend and I conveniently forgot to hand in our sports day permission forms, so we had to stay in the school library. We decided to spend the day watching Titanic. Which I cried at. I still can’t watch it without crying. Same with The Fault in Our Stars. It tends to get a bit silly, because I cry in Disney films (Bambi and The Lion King). This is why I tend not to go to the cinema.

How is the weather right now?
Right now it is quite sunny, but the weather has been really unpredictable recently.

Grab the book closest to you, open to page 153, and read line 18. What is it?
The book closest to me is The Fault in Our Stars. Page 55, line 23 says, “ “Hazel Grace,” Augustus said, as he heard my footsteps. ”

Something funny that happened at school?
In Year 8 we had an evacuation, and everyone thought it was a serious fire because the teachers were really confused, and then while we were evacuating, thinking it was a drill, we saw the fire trucks, so we all thought it was serious. The best part was someone yelling “NO MY LAPTOP IS IN THE CLASSROOM”

Do you watch reality TV?
Yes. I love My Kitchen Rules, House Rules, Toddlers and Tiaras, World’s Strictest Parents and Supernanny (just to name a few!)

Are there any apps you love?
I really like Five Nights at Freddy’s. I’m currently stuck on the fifth night of the first game, because I’m refusing to let myself play the next games until I am past it. I also like 2048, but I have never gotten the 2048 tile. I love Granny Smith as well, and I remember in Year 7 we used to play it all the time at lunch.

Are you scared of anything?
I am scared of a few things, but one of the main things is that I am terrified of not fitting in.

What is your favourite sweets/chocolate?
My favourite sweets are by far Skittles. I have eaten two packets in a single day! Chocolate-wise, I love Time-Out bars.

That is all for this week! If you want to submit a question for next week, you can do so by either commenting on this post or tweeting using #CupcakeQuestions xxx

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