11 October 2014

10 October Favourites

So it is finally October! I love October. Halloween is coming, which means I have an excuse to pull out my Scream boxset without anybody questioning me, Summer is getting closer, and it is the start of the final school term for the year! I have got together 10 of my favourites of this month to show you (these are in no particular order).

1. A Unique Kind of Love by Jasmine Rose
A Unique Kind of Love is a book written by Jasmine Rose. I originally read this book on Wattpad, so when I found out it was published as a book, I immediately rushed to Amazon to buy it. The story is amazing a definitely one of my favourite. I bought it for £7.46 on, which I thought was a really good price. If you are interested in buying it, you can find it here. The book is also available at that same link on Kindle for £2.74.

2. Pepperpot Hoot Notebook
This notebook is the Pepperport Hoot Small Spiral Notebook. It is a little bigger than A6. The notebook cover has a nice wooden effect with a pink elastic closure. The pages inside are nice with an owl picture in the bottom corner of each page. I bought this for around $8 in Target, but you can find it on the Pepperpot site for $12.99 here. The Hoot owl design is also available on other items (calendars, sticky-notes, etc.), so have a look at the full Hoot range here.

3. Cry Baby
Cry Baby is a movie from 1990 starring Johnny Depp. It has a similar storyline to Grease. The film probably won't be everybody's cup of tea, but I really like it. It is really funny and the songs are very catchy. This used to be in stock in JB HI-FI for $10, but it recently went out of stock, so I ended up purchasing it from for £3.61 here,

4. House Bracelet
At my school, every person is in one of four teams. In these teams, we can get points by competing in things like Cross Country, Art Competition, etc., and then whichever team has the most points at the end of the year wins. My friend made me this bracelet in my house colours, red and white, and I absolutely love it. I will be making a tutorial in the near future showing you how to make this.

5. Sharpies
I recently bought these two Sharpie pens for $2.50 in Big W, and the colours are absolutely gorgeous. These are the UltraFine point Sharpies in the colours Peach and Mint. The colours are beautiful, and as they are UltraFine point they write very neatly.

6. Photo Albums 
I go through a lot of photo albums, and I've always found that Big W make really nice ones. On the very left is one that holds 500 photos, which I paid $20 for. It is also spiral bound which makes it easier to turn the pages. The second one on the left holds $300 photos, and also cost $20. The two on the right hold $200 photos which I bought for $9 each.

7. The Hunger Games Boxset
I, like most people, really like The Hunger Games. I bought this boxset from Big W for $30, which I thought was a really good price, as my friend paid $30 per book. The boxset is definitely worth getting if you do not already have any of the books, as it is much better value.

8. Lindt Bunny
This is a Lindt Bunny which my best friend gave me for Easter in Grade 7. I am not quite sure where he bought it from, but I think it was roughly around the $20 mark.

9. Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus iPod Docking Station
This is a Logitech iPod Dock, which is $48.99 from (available here), which I think is a good price. It has a good bass and very good sound. It does only dock iPods and iPhones that were iPhone 4s or earlier, so it won't work for any of the newer models.

10. LG XC12 Stereo
This is my LG XC12 Stereo. I really like this one for the sole purpose that is has a cassette tape player. As well as that, it has really good sound, programming, CD player, and FM and AM radio. I may be wrong, but unfortunately I do not think this model is available for purchase anymore.

So that is the end of my October favourites for 2014. I hope you enjoyed this post, and please leave a comment if you buy any of these products :)

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