17 September 2014

Stolen Bus

Back in January, I started at a new high school. My sister had already been attending this high school for a year. To get to this new school, I have to catch a train and a bus in the morning.

My first day of school was the very first time I had ever caught the train and bus, so this was a new experience for me. Everything went smoothly catching the train, and then at 7:40am, we arrived at the train station, where we had to catch the school bus (which was supposed to be there t 7:45am.). There was about 30 people from my school waiting there.

We waited.


Still waiting.


Still waiting.


Still no bus.

At this point I was getting worried, because it was the first day at school. I didn't want to be late, I wanted to be able to find my locker, figure out where I was going. It is about a 20 minute journey from the train station to school, and I was sure we'd be late, as school started at 8:30am.

At 8:10am, the school counsellor from another school (Which we will call "Purple School") came and spoke to my sister and I.

He said, "It looks like Purple School have gotten on your bus."

Purple School stole our bus.

Everyone from my school was really annoyed by this point. Eventually, we called our school, explained the situation, and they sent another bus out to get us.

The bus arrived. We all started cheering. We all started marching over towards it, when we noticed about 20 people from Purple School piling onto our bus.

As you can imagine, we were all really frustrated by now, and to see Purple School, who had already taken our bus, getting onto our new bus, well that was it.

A British senior started leading a protest, and yelled, "THIS IS OUR BUS, MAKE THEM GET OFF!" I imagine this sounds quite unreasonable, but this was a key point in the rivalry between our school and Purple School.

The bus driver then told us that some people from Purple School had missed their bus, and had to share it with us. I wouldn't have minded so much, except for the fact that they got to sit down, while most of the people from my school (keep in mind this was our second bus) had to stand.

Eventually, although we were late, we did make it to school.

For about five weeks after this incident, we had to share our bus with Purple School, which made a lot of people mad.

And that is how my school has a rivalry with Purple School.

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